Our Mission Statement
Bikes for Kids provides new bicycles and helmets to underserved second and third grade children during the holiday season in order to help them develop pride, responsibility and a strong sense of community, as well as to encourage their academic, physical and social growth.    
Our Foundation's History
Since 2002, our team at Bikes for Kids has worked to raise funds in order to purchase thousands of new bicycles and helmets that are donated to second and third grade students in low income neighborhoods across San Diego County. With the generous participation and support of local corporate and private partners, we ensure that 100% of the funds that are raised go directly toward providing bicycles to students in need.

Our co-founder, who grew up asking for a bike for Christmas every year, never to receive one because of his family's limited financial resources, has enthusiastically and successfully grown the organization each year since its inception, bringing together volunteers, donors and organizations such as the San Diego Chargers and the US Military to provide students with not simply the gift of a bicycle, but with the belief in their community's commitment to them and their future growth and success.
Our Program at Work
Each winter at the start of the holiday season, we invite second and third grade students from select low income elementary schools to write essays in response to curriculum-driven prompts, established by the school's principal in partnership with our foundation. These essays encourage students to express their sense of honor, share their understanding of commitment, or discuss their ambitions and goals. The importance of literacy, community and gratitude are the foundation of the students' work.

The impact that the gift of a new bike has on students lasts well beyond their initial excitement. Ownership teaches the students responsibility and provides them with a fun, reliable means of exercise and transportation. Receiving a bike as a result of their academic efforts reinforces the value of education and a sense of self-worth as active and engaged learners. And the support students feel from their community engenders a sense of trust and a desire to embrace and give back to their communities in the future.
Our Organization's Accomplishments
Bikes for Kids has given away 42,000 bikes and helmets across the country since 2002. With the support of sponsors in Texas, northern California and New York, we have reached students in hundreds of underserved elementary schools. It is our intention to establish a stronger ongoing presence throughout the country thanks to the generous support of corporations and individuals seeking to serve those in need in their communities.

Between 95% and 100% of students served by Bikes for Kids are from low income communities. Title I elementary schools are identified for sponsorship on the basis of the Department of Education's School Accountability Report Card (SARC) Report. We select schools with at least 95% of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, indicating extreme need for financial and social support.